Brittain Ladd, Ex-Amazon
Brittain Ladd

Brittain has 20 years of experience in supply chain management and logistics. He has been recognized as a leading expert by Gartner, Time Magazine, CNN, and several leading consulting firms, on the topics of global supply chain management, logistics, transportation, last mile delivery, warehouse automation, automated micro-fulfillment, AI for supply chain and logistics, innovation, and strategy.

He has lived and worked in China, India, Africa, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and the United States. Brittain is a part-time writer for Forbes and his own website, He is also in the Top 1% of writers on LinkedIn where his posts average 150,000 clicks.

Brittain is also recognized as being one of the most accurate analysts in business. He successfully predicted multiple major acquisitions more than a year in advance of them occurring including Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods; Microsoft and Walmart partnering to bid on TikTok; and most recently, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

He is a highly sought after advisor and consultant to CEOs across multiple industries including third-party logistics, oil and gas, green energy, retail, CPG, construction, automotive, autonomous vehicles, and aerospace and defense.

Brittain is frequently quoted in the press and often appears on major news networks like CNN, Fox Business, and the BBC.

He earned a Master’s in Supply Chain Management from Pennsylvania State University; a Master’s of Business Administration from Pennsylvania State University; and a Master’s in Merchandising and Operations Research from North Dakota State University. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Drake University.

Prior to working in logistics, Brittain served in the United States Marine Corps for six years.