Richard Clothier
Richard Clothier
Managing Director
Wyke Farms

Rich Clothier represents the third-generation of the Clothiers, a family who has been making cheddar on its Somerset farm since 1861.

Today Wyke Farms sell cheddar and butter across 160 countries and is the only independent company in the top ten cheese brands here in the UK, reflecting a strong consumer interest in provenance and sustainability. Rich is passionate about the potential for UK food and farming exports in a growing world population. He has a vision for UK food and agriculture being able to meet the needs of the world growing middle classes demand for dairy products, while minimizing the impact of the environment as much as possible.

Rich was selected this year as ‘International Export Ambassador of the Year’ in recognition of the scale and impact of Wyke Farms’ global business portfolio. Rich is passionate about farming, the environment and branding. Wyke Farms developed a ground breaking on-site renewable energy plant over a decade ago, which was the cornerstone to the Wyke Farms 100% Green mission and enabled the company to be the first UK grocery brand to be 100% self-sufficient in green energy. As the company continually grew their sustainability portfolio, practiced ground breaking greener ways of working and challenged the industry to do the same, Wyke Farms was named as the most sustainable company in Europe.